Peru, cultural paradise

What do you need to get a job as a receptionist in the swanky San Isidro area of Peru's capital city Lima?Your humble scribe dutifully translates:

Yep that's right, please only apply for this job if you have white skin.

We shit thee not, ladies and gentlemen. It actually says that.

This advert for receptionist in Tecsup Telesup (several mailers have pointed out this spelling mistake, thanks people), a large, privately run university in Lima appeared in newspapers in the capital last weekend and has caused a bit of a stir, not least because it's racist garbage of course, but also because the entity is owned by a congressman for the right wing Solidaridad Nacional party. 

So yeah, we're now at questions being asked at ministerial level on this and the university now faces a fine for being a bunch of racist shits (quite right too), but the saddest thing about this is that Tecsup Telesup is only really officializing something that's pretty apparent if you spend more than a day going in and out of businesses and offices in the downtown expensive zones in Lima. Businesses there just all coincidentally don't get round to employing them there brown looking people on reception desks.