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The Lara Exploration (LRA.v) NR today

A quick headsup on a stock I own, Lara Exploration (LRA.v) (and by way of full disclosure, I've owned since April'12, my cost basis is $1.15 and I'm not planning on selling any either) and its NR from this morning. LRA is a project generator company that gets properties, gets others interested, then gets OPM to explore and develop the prospects and it's very good at the model too, having 17 (I think) projects on the go right now. Anyway, with such a spread of activity there's always the chance that someone hits something nice on one of the projects and that's what's happened today, with JV partner Codelco returning a very cool 197m of 0.72% CuEq core from the shared project in Brazil (0.65% of that straight Cu). This is the type of exploratory hit that makes a bigboy like Codelco commit to a project.

Anyway, I'm long this one so take that into consideration while you read the NR for yourself, right here.