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A query for Lupaka Gold (

No, it's not about the pump that you've paid for in Germany that started yesterday and caused the big pop in the share price. After all, promo'ing of this bullshit variety may be immoral but it's certainly not illegal and I am also in favour of redistributing some of the wealth of Germany to other parts of the globe (in this case, mainly Toronto, Vancouver and Lima). No, my questions cover another subject:

  • Why haven't you published the metallurgy results you received for the Crucero project a few weeks ago? 
  • Are they really as bad as the rumours make out? 
  • Isn't this type of thing supposed to be material, meaning that you can't just sit on this development and must disseminate to shareholders? 
  • Is it true that the results basically render uneconomic all of the gold ounces you've already found at Crucero?
Any information received would be greatly appreciated.