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Atico Mining (ATY.v) update

One of the nicer things about blogging is the way the conversation can be relayed, baton style, between different people and different viewpoints. After our post dated June 4th on Atico Mining (ATY.v) this particular baton was picked up and moved forward by Vancouver Venture. The blogger over there, PSDave, is a smart and wordly wise voice on the ways in which the TSX(V) exchange works and brought his perspective on the issue later that same day. His post linked here is well worth a read.

And since then?

The moral of this story is simple: Do not get in the way of the controlling money. Especially when the controlling money is run by the two-faced self-serving cunts at Casey Research. You would have thought by now that the Ganozas had worked that out, but it looks like they needed a second special lesson. dyodd, dude.