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Dead people at Las Bambas, Peru (UPDATED, apparently no deaths)

There's an unconfirmed report this afternoon from Las Bambas, the Xstrata/Glencore owned copper project in Apurimac Peru, that two people were killed during protests between workers and security yesterday at around 2pm. This youtube from the local news channel El Buho has a phone interview with one of the workers there who says that the two people died during clashes involving about 500 workers protesting against one of the contracting firms on site, Peru's Graña y Montero (a civil engineering company quoted on the local stock exchange). Tear gas and live rounds were used against the protest, according to the phone interview.

Aside from this phone interview, there are no other confirmed reports from Las Bambas yet and the company has so far refused to make any official statement. A hat tip to Juan Arellano, editor of Global Voices in Peru and a smart guy to follow on twitter, for the headsup.

UPDATE: Word just in from Xstrata is that there have been protests but no deaths are reported. Apparently the protests are connected with Graña (not Xstrata) and concern a road project being built at Las Bambas.