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Kinross ( (KGC) spikes Fruta del Norte

Oh man.

Here's the NR, here's the top bit

Kinross Gold Corporation (NYSE: KGC) announced that the Company will not proceed with further development of the Fruta del Norte (FDN) project in Ecuador. The Company also informed the Government of Ecuador of this decision, and requested its cooperation in ensuring an orderly transition that respects the interests of both parties.

After more than two years of negotiations on exploitation and investment protection agreements for the project, the Government of Ecuador and Kinross have been unable to agree on certain key economic and legal terms which balance the interests of all stakeholders. Therefore, despite pending legislative amendments to the mining and tax law regime in Ecuador, Kinross has concluded that it is not in the interests of the Company and its shareholders to invest further in developing FDN.

"We have said that we will exert strict capital discipline across our Company, that we will allocate our capital only to projects which meet our investment criteria, and that we will only enter into agreements that are in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders," said CEO J. Paul Rollinson. "After a great deal of effort to arrive at a mutually agreeable outcome, it is unfortunate that the parties were unable to reach an agreement on FDN which would have met those criteria. That said, we respect the Government of Ecuador's sovereign authority and its right to determine how its resources are developed," he added.

Holy wow, what a total clustafark. And let's be clear; if you can't develop FDN, one of the highest grading big deposits out there, you can't develop anything in Ecuador. And a $720m writeoff, too.