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So what makes you think there might be institutionalized racism in Peru, Otto?

Oooh, just a hunch.

And then this, a book approved for the 2013 national curriculum by the Ministry of Education entitled "Aromas" for second grade students (i.e. 7 years old and abouts) which has a pleasant little legend about "The Origin of Races". We first get to read that long ago all humans lived in cave, but couldn't get out because the entrance was guarded by a tiger. But one day one brave human killed the tiger and the people could finally leave. So they then went to a lake to wash, and...

... which says, "The first race to appear were white, then came some indians because the water was already dirty, and finally some stayed black."

Cute, huh? Just the type of thing you'd want your seven year old child to read too, no?