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The Panama Canal and the proposed Nicaragua Canal: One difference, one similarity

The similarity. Both built by Chinese workforce.

The difference: This time the Chinese workforce will get paid.

Here's the LAHT story, here's how it starts:
MANAGUA – Nicaragua is moving closer to granting a Chinese company a 100-year concession to build and operate a canal linking the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Construction of the waterway would take 10 years and cost $40 billion.
Bills opening the way for the project were submitted last Friday to a legislative committee, which began looking at the proposal’s viability before debate in the full Congress.
The bills would give China’s HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. Limited, which is based in Hong Kong, a 50-year concession that would be renewable for another 50 years.
President Daniel Ortega has asked Congress to fast-track debate on the continues here