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Yet another narco corruption scandal in Peru that will die a quiet death

The last seven days have seen a more-than interesting story appear in Peru, when ex-con and self-admitted narcotrafficker Carlos Butrón blew the whistle on a bunch of top politicos in the previous APRA government of Alan Garcia. In a nutshell, the head of the parliamentary committee that oversees the process of official pardons for convicted criminals, one Facundo Chinguel, has been arrested on charges that he accepted U$30,000 in exchange for obtaining the Presidential Pardon for a Colombia narcotrafficker. Along with the centrepiece revelation come more accusations that many members of the pardoning committee accepted bribes from the cocaine clans in exchange for many more official pardons.

There are dozens of reports now circulating in the national press about this scandal (here's a digest page  in Spanish for those want to follow it in rough chronological order) and your author thought of running a longer piece giving a blow by blow account of all the events so far and the way that many roads lead to Ex-President Alan García himself. But on reflection the real story here is what's almost certainly about to happen. Nothing. Time and again your author has seen stories regarding narcotrafficking money come up in Peru and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, the whole thing shuts down and not a word is mentioned in any of the local news media ever again. Which always brings me back to the recollection of just how much money is moved by cocaine in Peru. 

Six billion dollars is a very very big pie. Plenty of slices to go around and coincidentally there are a whole heap of corrupt motherfuckers running the political scene in the country. Those two seemingly unrelated facts may, of course, be connected.