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A Goldcorp (GG) sponsored junior miner kicking the crap out of local villagers in Peru: Plus Ça Change...

Rio Moche is a private junior mining company that was fed $2m by Goldcorp (GG) in exchange for 15.6% of company shares last January. The company's plan was to use the cash to explore and drill its Caupar project in the La Libertad region of Peru and that's what it's been trying to do recently.

Sadly, the locals don't want them there. And this shouldn't come as any surprise to Rio Moche, because before it changed its name, the company was called Trinity Mining and tried to do exactly the same thing back in 2011, only to get run off by the locals there who fear pollution and environmental destruction from any exploration project and eventual mine.

Anyway, trouble has been brewing for a couple of weeks (as subscribers to The IKN Weekly alreaydy know) but today it erupted, with the locals who went to the project site to lodge their complaints beaten up by police officers hired by Rio Moche and their own private security force, tear gas deployed, general violence and all types of the classic thug fun that goes with a brutal repression of locals by a mining company.

In other words Goldcorp is back in Peru, doing what it does best: Fucking it up for the whole of the mining community in the country. Assholes.