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Breaking: Doug Casey says birth of royal baby " good news for gold"

This is a breaking story, updates soon.

UPDATE: More details now coming in on this bold prediction. Link here.

UPDATE 2: Jim Sinclair has now quickly moved to back up Casey's call. "There's little doubt in my mind that the new royal baby is a development will go a long way in breaking the back of the twisted and corrupt banksters holding gold down.", he says.

UPDATE 3: Casey's prescient call seems to have moved the market. We now have this Kitco headline "Gold Sharply Higher, Hits 4-wk High, on Royal Baby Birth and Short Covering" coming off the wires.

UPDATE 4: Prince William has just spent five minutes addressing the crowds of well-wishers who have gathered outside the London hospital where "the golden boy" was delivered. In a telling finale, at the end of the handshake session he raised his clenched fist and shouted "Long Live GATA!" before making his way back in.