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Chart of the day is...

...Fortuna Silver ( (FSM) 12 month versus Silver Bullion ETF (SLV):

For three reasons:

1) After reading the CotD yesterday reader PG mailed in to mention that FVI is one of the few silver players showing a profit on the 12 month timescale. True dat.
2) Another reader, GT, mailed in an interesting comment that got me sniffing round its financials yesterday evening.
3) As a result we're going to do Fortuna Silver in a NOBS fundamental report on Sunday in IKN221. Should be lashings of fun and after my initial sniffing there may even be a trade here.

So that's my weekend planned, what you do have going on?

UPDATE: Though separately, we must put in a word for this chart, the "Sweet Fancy Moses" formation on the S&P.

PS: Good morning (the view from the roof ten minutes ago):