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Endeavour Silver's ( (EXK) 2q13 production numbers

NR here, comparative charts here:

Three mines, three things:

1) Bolanitos (used to be known as Guanajuato) had a good quarter which was due to a temporary boost via the leasing of a nearby mill.Now that advantage has gone, the mine will see throughputs drop back again and future quarters less eyecatching
2) Guanacevi continues to show its age, that tired quarter-on-quarter look of a mine that's slowly depleting.
3) El Cubo sucked, but that's because it was closed down for a a little over a month for re-fitting and upgrading, so we'll find out next quarter if that has been a good  idea.

Overall a lacklustre quarter that got a decent slap of make-up over its wrinkled visage thanks to that temporary mill deal for Bolanitos, which may explain why EDR has underperformed in 2013 even when stacked up against a crappy sector and its peers.