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In which your author addresses the subject of e-mail etiquette

You probably haven't given it much thought and even if it has crossed your mind you probably don't care much (and rightly so) but as your humble scribe 1) runs a blog which occasionally puts forward somewhat strident views, 2) elected a while ago to turn off the comments facility* and 3) offers up his e-mail address on the page for anyone who might care to write in, mail arrives from readers at a pretty regular pace. Under normal circumstances the mails received are a very pleasant thing, but now and again there do come the type of missive that isn't so wonderful to read and it's here that we get to the point: Over time I've developed an easy way of dealing with all mailers, not just the hatemail type, that is encapsulated in one simple and long-understood rule:

Do unto others as they do unto you

So if you write to me in a businesslike manner, you'll get a businesslike mail in return. Or if you're friendly to me, I'm friendly to you. If you're curt, expect curtness right back at you. Et cetera and including rude mailers, which is the nub of today's post. This subject is fresh in my brain because one such rude encounter happened today, when A.N. Asshole told me how, according to them, I should think on a specific subject. The reply to that one is always easy enough, "Don't tell me how to think", which is what was sent back all concise and to the point.

Now, at this juncture I haven't cut off contact with Mr(s) Troll but when it comes to the rude or negative stuff, there's only ever one chance given. If you out there decide on reflection that you were a little too short and relax a little (no need to apologize either, just adopt a better tone) then we can still be friends. But if you decide to return with interest, then the way forward is simple.

1) You get a flame mail from me with a bunch of choice swear words.
2) Your address is blocked, you are told that it has been blocked, you read "goodbye forever" at the end of the mail.
3) That's it.

There are no second chances. Ever. My time is too precious to waste it on the blithering idiots that occupy their own little corners of cyberspace and (painful) experience has proven that there is absolutely no point in engaging with this type of person, so once your single chance has been used up you leave my life and never return. 

The moral of this story is less about me and more about you: Be nice to people when you mail them, yeah? You'll find it a far more productive way of spending your time if you do.

*life has been beautiful since, a fine decision it was