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"Long Term Outlook for the Global Exploration Industry": A fascinating presentation

My thanks to reader MM who last night sent over a presentation PDF by Richard Schodde of MinExConsulting which is linked right here. The subject is exploration for metals and Schodde goes into several very interesting factors about the economics of the discovery of new metals deposits. Here are the six main categories of the show, to give you an idea:
1. Trends in global exploration spend Forecast future spend out to 2020 & financing issues for Junior Companies  
2. Trends in discovery rates Where were the discoveries made? Current “Hot Spots” for exploration 
3. Trends in discovery performance Which Regions did better? Factors impacting on discovery performance 
4. Trends in the types of exploration methods used Geophysics versus geochemistry versus “nearology” 
5. Trends in discovery costs Unit discovery costs ($/oz, c/lb) are rising 
6. Are we finding enough metal? To be sustainable we need to find enough to replace what we mine
Once you download your copy (and do it, you won't regret it) you'll also see that Schodde goes light on the script and heavy on the graphics, letting his well-researched story tell itself in a visual manner. All metals are featured, including PMs BMs uranium (the insights into the cost of discovering copper these days were particularly thought-provoking) as well as breakdowns into world locations for discoveries and methods used to discover new deposits (e.g. the rise of geochem). Here's the link, now use it.