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On offer: Perhaps the single best job for a gringo in South America today (seriously)

We hear that there's a peach of a job on offer over at Associated Press (AP) at the moment, namely the chance of becoming Bureau Chief for its Caracas Venezuela operations. Just think of the wonders up for grabs:
  • Get paid in dollars and get to spend them at the unofficial exchange rate. You'll live like a king.
  • Live in one serious nutbar of a country and witness first hand all the goings on and get paid for the privilege of doing so. Anything you've done before or will do in the future will pale by comparison
  • Cover the only South American country that the English speaking North cares about (and with the sidebar chance of getting to cover the Snowden story).
  • Arepas
  • Cheap fuel
  • More arepas (hint: you'll like arepas)
  • Reporting on one of the world's highest murder rates without becoming part of the story...hopefully

I'm telling you folks, if my circumstances were different* I'd be up for this job like a shot. But things as they are mean I have to pass it over, but that won't stop me from highly recommending this chance to the fine people that read IKN (that's you, by the way). Check out the link here and the description as follows, though I would comment that if the first thing that comes to your mind is a joke about toilet paper, then this job is not for you:
The Associated Press seeks an experienced, inventive correspondent to be its Chief of Bureau in Caracas, Venezuela. The successful candidate will report to Latin American Editor. currently based in Mexico City, and work closely with AP staff from all formats across the region and globally.  

The Chief of Bureau will serve as a reporter/writer/multimedia journalist and run AP's Caracas bureau.  The  Chief of Bureau will be tasked with managing a team that produces spot news, enterprise and high-impact stories, photos and video in traditional and new storytelling formats. The Venezuela story is among the most challenging and competitive in Latin America as the oil-rich nation enters the post-Hugo Chavez era. The job encompasses keeping the AP ahead of the pack through standout personal production, source development and leadership of a team of mostly Spanish-language journalists.  The chief of bureau must be willing to switch into 24/7 mode as news demands. Flexible work hours including nights, weekends and holidays will often be required 


A proven track record publishing exclusives, captivating deadline writing, social media engagement and management in stressful environments is required.  Photography and video production skills highly desired. The job includes administrative responsibilities.  Candidates should have demonstrated excellence in managing a news staff, in responding aggressively to breaking news and crafting distinctive, incisive enterprise.  Candidates must be able to guide staffers in working efficiently and accurately on deadline.  Complete fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish is required.  Candidates must be able to work flexible work schedules, including frequent evening, weekend and holiday shifts.  Authorization to work in the Venezuela is mandatory.

* i.e. not married, employable, able to stand working for a boss for once in my pathetic working life