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Shock! Bolivia announces a delay to lithium production at the Uyuni salt flats project

There was the 2008 Presidential Decree that announced Bolivia would be producing a trial basis 40 tonnes of lithium carbonate per month within 18 months, with a ramp up to full production once things had been green-lighted from the trial.

Then...well, that got kind of delayed, but no problems and when 2010 came around plan was still to be churning out full scale 30,000t/annum Li from the world's biggest deposit by 2014.

And well, that got kind of shifted back a bit, too. Up to last year, it was still 2014 (for carbonate) and 2016 for batteries, but on a trial basis only.

And now today we hear from Bolivia that carbonate production should start in 2016, with those added value batteries coming along in 2020. And if all goes well, the trial production should get going next year, in 2014. Which is bound to happen on schedule, right?