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Snowden's next country: Latest betting

Isn't this just the most fun since LeBron James picked The Miami Heat?

  • 4/6 Iceland: Obvious choice, politically neutral (ish), offer of asylum on the table, reasonably straightforward connection from Moscow (assuming that's where he is right now, of course).
  • 3/1 Venezuela: Offer on the table, Snowden could choose in order to cock a snook at North. Main problem is that political baggage would weigh round his neck forever and detract from (what he says is) his message.
  • 5/1 Nicaragua: Idem Venezuela, but smaller and more potential to be seized by US (legally or otherwise) and shipped back.
  • 8/1 Argentina: No offer yet, but I'd bet money on Snowden going there if Cristina offers a slot. Easy life for a gringo in Buenos Aires, perfect for a slacker like Snowden (trust me on this, as someone with ample first hand knowledge of being a slacker in BsAs and its easy life for annoying asshole gringos with more money than common sense...he'd fit right in)
  • 8/1 Bolivia: After the West's rank stupidity with the plane episode, Evo has said he'd take Snowden in if asked, but unlikely as a destination. The internet bandwidth issue just for one thing.
  • 10/1 USA: Could be, though all things considered it's unlikely to be a voluntary move.
  • 14/1 Ecuador: Correa retracted offer, but it may be back on after the table after the Bolivia plane snafu, out of solidarity as much as anything else. However, Snowden would be silly to take this one as the rug could be pulled from under his feet if he doesn't play by Correa's rules.
  • 33/1 Vatican: Stranger things have (etc)
  • 50/1 Poland: Cold.
  • 66/1 bar