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And B2Gold ( (BTG) reports its quarter, too

A busy day for the spreadsheets, as B2Gold ( (BTG) throws over its 2q13 numbers late-ish evening. Here are a couple of updated charts, plenty more where these came from:

Working cap hits a new record. We like the way BTO is paying down current liabilities, too.

As for equity per share, that's now $2.436. Plenty of backbone to the current share price.

Other anal ysts will likely focus on the $33m net profit for the quarter (or 5c EPS if you prefer). Fair enough, but this anal yst likes balance sheets and particularly likes strong balance sheets. (Hint: This is a strong balance sheet).

PS: There's a bit of news about Gramalote in the MD&A as well. Looks like November will be a key month for that project.