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Copper Mountain (CUM) shot down

Copper Mountain has just reported its 2q13, so go look here at the NR. From the numbers, here's a chart...

...and let us recall that "Cost of Goods Sold" (cogs) do not include a whole bunch of corporate line items that you have to get through before a net earnings number comes up. Now, here's a quote from the NR from company Pres/CEO Jim O'Rourke:

"We are cash flow positive and we will be continuing to improve the operation..."

Now, Mister O'Rourke, I'm taking a good hard stare at that chart I've generated from your company's numbers and especially at the 2q13 results you've just posted and the only conclusion I can reasonably come to is that you need to buy The Big Book Of Business Words, then go to the C's page and read what "cash flow positive" means.