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Lobito mailbag

A whole virtual bagful of mail this morning about Casey Research and Louis Little Wolf Lobito James, so thanks for that but I get the strong feeling that I shouldn't be egged on into this much further, even though the theme seems to be a popular one. Looks like there's a rich vein of comedy to be ploughed here and lots of people who are "rather disgruntled" (let's say, all pretty like after yesterday's foul-mouthed IKN) over the way Doug Casey is running his shop these days, as well as the more specific "personal character descriptions" (let's say, all pretty again after yesterday's foul-mouthed IKN) of Lobito. The best mail of the lot came from reader "D", who has kindly let me reproduce his rant on the blog (and although a regular reader here, he prefers to keep his real name off the record...fair enough). Anyway, here's what D had to say.

...but since the world cottoned on to the fact that he knows fuck all, even his "Action Alerts" are greeted with a great big fat round of apathy. Take for example Louis Lobito Little Wolf's latest buy call to the "elite" Casey flock, dated July 31st (i.e. yesterday) on Kaminak (KAM.v)....

Not that you  give a ... but they used to have a guy named Paul Van Eeden as their writer, and he was good at it. To my thinking anyway also fairly honest. Then they bought in the little wolf and in doing so basically gave the proverbial finger to their subscribers. It really underscored the "we don't really give a fuck about you guys" attitude and "it's about us because we known this is a Ponzi scheme disguised as an investment letter."  Why Casey doesn't put someone of Van Eeden's caliber back in the roaming rock kicker seat is also a tell. Why should he? It's not about identifying an Aurelian Resources at $1.02 before the rest, is it?  It's about front running. He doesn't care about quality of content, he cares about time of content.  And is basically saying "Look, look how stupid you all are.  But hey your special!". Sadly I think there are those with more money to lose than brains that need to be stroked and Casey knows and digs them up at every metals conference. 

For me, D really hit the spot with, "He doesn't care about quality of content, he cares about time of content" and it's why asked him if I could share the rant.