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So how did the top of the main Fundamentals section of IKN222, dated August 4th, go again Otto?

Hmmm...good question...I can't seem to recall...hold on, let me look check...ah yeah, here it is:
I am both cognizant and wary of Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome, I don’t like to see it in others and as a result I try my very hardest to avoid it in my own declarations, but this short piece on RIO gets the Fundies space this week because I am basically obliged to bang on the table, ignore my own fears of repetition and tell readers that RIO is indeed a screaming buy right now. 
I want to be as clear as possible so here’s a statement to the effect: The other companies we feature, like and hold as long positions in The IKN Weekly are all fair trades with their own specific advantages and parameters. I see nothing wrong with any of them and as of today I’m a relaxed and happy holder of all positions. But RIO at CAD$2.26 is the single stock you should hold, add or buy in the immediate term (your pocket, your portfolio, your call) as its due for a revaluation based on the news in the pipeline. Gold at $1,300/oz will be enough to see it rise significantly in the days and weeks to come.

 Then a whole bunch of words follow as to why. That was ten trading days ago.