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Dear silver mining company analyst: Nobody gives a rat's ass about your stock pick

For example:

Fortuna Silver ( (FSM): Small but growing producer, returns consistent net profits, well-run, cash at bank and debt free, low cash cost, rarely fails to deliver on guidance, trustworthy management.

Great Panther Silver ( (GPL): Perma-underperforming small silver producer, pumped by bullshit artists for years, makes loss at current silver price due to high cash cost, management consistently fails to deliver on guidance.

MAG Silver ( (MVG): Exploration only, nice main asset, spinning wheels waiting for something to happen, treading water as a company until FRES decides on development.

Pan American Silver ( (PAAS): One of the biggest producer names out there, diversified assets, management with a patchy recent record of corporate decisions (M&A, purchases gone wrong in Argentina etc), though still profitmaking and much bigger than the above names.

People, it doesn't matter what your preferred flavour is, the market doesn't give a damn because it sees one word and acts on it: Silver:

So give us all a break with your "my pick's better than your pick" bullshit, will you? Self-important fools the lot of you.