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Re-naming juniors

This bounces off an exchange with one of my finer mailpals a few days ago and happens today because the mind wanders on days like these. Some knowledge of Spanish may be required in a few cases. So in no particular order... = Below, son = Sans Gold = Rio NoGo Gold = Great Big Pussy
BAT.v = Battered Gold
SRD.v = Dire Strait Minerals
HDG.v = Hide In Desert Gold = Pretty ugh Resources
NET.v = Notwork Exploration = Canned Gente Copper = Cor! Losses! = Rio Bajo
GQC.v = GoldQuashed

Then there's GG, which might not be a junior but if named after the board's main activity would be Golfcourse Inc. Not forgetting Golden Reign (GRR.v), which is to be admired for living up to its corporate title (at the homophone level anyway) and treating its shareholders in true 1980's pornflick style. But the last word must go to NG, which is and will forever be NadaGold.

So which one(s) have I missed?

UPDATE: Suggestions coming in:

MAO.v = Mordor Minerals or Maudite Minerals = Biggus Dickus Gold
FDR.v = Stupid Flanders Resources
KLM.v = Commode Resources (and all the 'in the toilet' type jokes you'd imagine)
HAO.v = Have A Zero Resources = Evading Gold = What A Liberty Silver

And two of you mentioned that we could do something with the Copper Mountain ticker, but that's too easy.