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BlackRock bails on Minera IRL (MIRL.L) (

My thanks to reader RC, who sends in this link. Here's a screenshot ripped from the bit that most interests:

Full show here.

In a nutshell, that says that BlackRock has been dumping its 17.3m position in Minera IRL (held on the London exchange under the MIRL ticker) and on August 19th the total holding went under 5% of company shares out. On that date IRL had173.68m shares out, it means BlackRock was already down to 8.68m by that time. Therefore since August 19th (which was the same day IRL announced its Don Nicolas financing deal, by the way) BlackRock has sold an additional 1.4m shares or so of MIRL. As of yesterday IRL was informed by BlackRock of its selling.