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Footy news

Two things:

1) The 10 nominations for FIFA's goal of the year 2013 are on this video:

For me there are some clear candidate goals missing from the list (just for starters, anyone remember Messi's vs Atletico Bilbao?) but it's still a good list and it's pleasant to see women's football featured (the overhead kick goal is quality). But Zlatan will win this year, if only for the "oh my lord how did he even think of that let alone attempt it let alone execute it" effect. Anyway, it's a fun four minutes of video for footy buffs. I like the Kone one as well, but it's tough to pick just one or two. 

2) In the UK right now there's a big journalists phone hacking trial, which is throwing out cute little vignettes about the country's assorted glitterati. For example, this tweet a few minutes ago from a reporter covering the trial:

You need to know Stella Artois role in British popular culture and also Wayne Rooney's background and reputation to fully appreciate this one. But it's wonderful, in that couldn't make it up way.