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PRD Energy (PRD.v): Back on November 4th... the post "PRD Energy (PRD.v): A friendly warning", your humble scribe wrote:

For those of you who bought into this Katusa/Maudlin pump job, you're advised to make like a shepherd and get the flock outta there now, rather than wait for the results of the drilling. That's what's called fair warning.
That day PRD.v was at $1.40. Today it's not as high as that, which is probably connected to the publication of its drill results on Friday. The funniest bit, however, was the gushing stupidity sent out by scammer in chief Marin Katusa to his unsuspecting flock yesterday morning, as he spun the news to within an inch of its life, make up shit with his slide rule and then tried to make out that a drop in price was good news, not bad. You get to buy more cheap stock, y'see.

What's that Amarillo Slim line about sitting down at the poker table and not being able to spot the patsy again?