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A reader on Rio Alto ( (RIOM)

Just received this from HB and it's getting an airing here, because I agree 100%:

The selling pattern in RIO reminds me of a situation in 2002, where a perfectly healthy 25 year old (no dotcom junk) software company was sold into the ground just like this. The seller was an investment holding which needed any penny it could get (not that surprising at the time). In the end it was selling for 60 cents. After the seller was finished (probably in more ways than one) the stock started to creep up slowly. In 2011 it sold for 22€. Yes, I sold mine waaay too early :-)

With the current situation in the gold sector a similar constellation is not inconceivable. Would be nice to know how much powder the seller has left. Alex Black didn't have any idea who it is? Doesn't exactly look like a mom and pop operation ...