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Biiwii: Reading goldbug stupidities since 2002 so that we don't have to

Gary Biiwii does things I wouldn't do, such as trudge through the gold commentary sphere to see what the mouthbreathers are saying. This morning he's come up with a  beauty from someone with far, far too much time on his hands, one Harry Binswanger:
“Gold is the ultimate expression of mind-body integration. It is the symbol of purely, “crassly” material value because it is beautiful–i.e., because it is a spiritual value.”
This intellectually-challenged pseud could easily be ignored, bar the fact that he writes for Forbes, gets featured on high-traffic websites such as Yahoo Finance and therefore runs the risk of actually influencing more than the perma-lost hardcore goldbug brigade with this utter balderdash and piffle. So good on Gary Biiwii for calling him out and sticking down a few sensible words on "what gold is" in his post.