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Boguski? Did you really say "Boguski"? Sierra Iron (NAA.v), a pump'n'dump scam

These things are so obvious it hurts the braincells, but just to count down a few of the items:

1) An option on 50% of an untested piece of chinchilla pasture in Sinaloa, Mexico.

2) Manipulated two-bit junior put together for the pump

3) Company that pays $25,000 for this type of shit promo to feed the US OTC market morons.

4) And a CEO named Wally Boguski. Is that Polish? And while you're over at the officers CV page, check out the other backgrounds, they'll make you guffaw as well.

Sierra Iron Ore Corp (NAA.v) I name thee scam, scam and thrice scam.

h/t the always wonderful YH