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My New Year's Resolution

It's a simple one, it involves no dieting, it's one that I hope might catch on:

I refuse to read any article with a headline that ends with a "?"

When you see a title that ends in "?" it invariably means one of three things:
1) The hack hasn't thought through the piece to the extent where true conclusions can be drawn
2) The hack doesn't have the guts to make a statement and invite pushback from their target
3) The hack is making shit up in the guise of real news and is using the device as a way of avoiding a libel case.
This pisspoor reporting habit is sadly on the rise, particularly among the journalistic mediocrity of business media. It's not big, it's not clever, stop it now. If you don't have the guts to write without milquetoast get-out clauses, find another job to do and stop pretending that you're the next in line for a Pulitzer.

Strawberry daquiris served, the end.