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Scotia Mining Desk so desperate for something to say...

...that they're quoting this humble corner of cyberspace these days. From the "Scotia Mining Scoop" mailer this morning, re First Quantum:
In addition to the Capex Update… Investors will likely ask First Quantum tomorrow how they are fostering a good relationship with the Panamanian government and people.  A well-read mining blog yesterday ( reporting a link below that suggest some concerns over lost jobs / broken promises.

Well-read? C'mon guys, shape up and find somebody reliable to get your leads from, willyaz? You start taking IKN seriously and it's all over, rep shot to pieces, clients running for the exits. Pro-tip: Be like every other Canadian brokerage and keep it quiet you read know it makes sense.

UPDATE: Reader 'MP' has the right idea:

"Notice they said "well-read" and not "well-written"..."