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Argentine Pagina 12 newspaper's front page today

Smart graphic design on the death of jailed dictator Jorge Videla:

From here, graphic link here. H/T Lillie Langtry over at Memory in Latin America.

UPDATE: For those of you who prefer their LatAm op-eds in the language of Shakespeare (or Wilde), Lillie has written a good post on Videla's death which you can see here.


Videla = Jorge Videla, head of the 1970's military dictatorship in Argentina and chief responsible for the approx. 30,000 disappeared people.
Vida = Life
El = He or Him


The Friday OT: Radiohead; Bodysnatchers (live) (repeat)

A redux OT, but offered once more with nary a drop of shame because it's a helluva strong live performance and one of Radiohead's finer tracks to boot. A musico pal watched this video once and was all "Damn that's hard to play and they make it look easy" afterwards, waxing and lyrical and all tune-worship on them. I believe him.

The drop in gold has its internet upside

As all the hardcore libertarians seem to have...

They're probably too busy counting how much less they're worth in worthless fiat currencies to bother us all. Not a bad thing, silver linings redux complete, molotov cocktails served, the end.

My favourite piece of Guatemala news (yep, it's Tahoe Resources ( (TAHO) again)

Hey, do you remember that thing where Tahoe Resources ( (TAHO) guards were ordered to open fire on protesters outside its gates late last month? Yeah, and then the way in which the head of security there  tried to flee the country but was arrested at the country's airport? And then how THO insisted that said head, Alberto Rotondo, wasn't fleeing at all and wasn't under arrest when he actually was both of those things (and he's now charged to the effect)?

Well, to cap it all, now we have a new arrest to consider, that of legal counsel to THO in Guatemala Juan Pablo Oliva Trejo, who is now under arrest and charged with perverting the course of justice. He's accused of aiding and abetting the illegal escape of Rotondo from the San Rafael las Flores region and Guatemala but of course, Tahoe Resources is a model corporate citizen and this is just some sort of bureaucratic mix-up, right guys?

Videla dies in jail

Jorge Videla, Argentina's head during the 1970's military dictatorship and responsible for many of the crimes of the Dirty War period, died in jail at 08:25am local time today. May he rest in peace, though I must add that it's good he died where he did.

Liberty Silver's ( problems featured, but...'s just one of many.

Yesterday evening Peter Koven updated on Liberty Silver's ( financial woes and general shitstate in this report, after having read the quarterly and drawn the necessary conclusions (though notably he doesn't pick up on how Bobby Genovese's right hand man, Pulos, has just resigned from the LSL board of directors, i.e. the last of the rats leaving the sinking ship). I read the piece and agreed with most everything he says about the company, but most of the thrust of the argument could be used for dozens, nay hundreds of other Canadian junior explorecos today. The fact that LSL is one of the most obvious scams to have come crawling out of the drains of the Canadian capital market system* doesn't mean to say it's the only one out there. A brazen one yes, but the more subtle ones are just as guilty of selling moose pasture and cleaning up PT Barnum style.

Anyway, go read Koven's piece cos it's pretty good (as are most of the things he files), and remember how so-called "reputable industry figures" were involved in this outright scam, either through collusion or from being total fucking naive dickheads (there are no other choices). But apply other LSL lessons to the market as a whole, not just to this Bobby G scam.

*that system is 1) you have money 2) Howe/Bay St. transfers your money to somebody else's pocket 3) it's your fault you have no money 4) the end

Back in the saddle and...

...catching up with the market. In the end, your humble scribe is glad he wasn't in the office this week to witness this snafu. The silver lining (why is optimism the default reaction after a pleasant vacation, short or extended?) is that we have a couple of short positions in place to absorb at least a part of the mess, but still...ugh.

Overall, today's best executive decision is to wait until this evening to open up the port accounts. After a stiff drink (or two). 

It's very nice to go travlin......but it's so much nicer to come home.


On the road

There will be no more posts on this blog until Friday May 17th, as your humble scribe is off to see four apus. In the meantime, a suitably apt bit of Jack:
"To me a mountain is a Buddha. Think of the patience, hundreds of thousands of years just sitting there being perfectly perfectly silent and like praying for all living creatures in that silence and just waiting for us to stop all our fretting and fooling."

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN210 has just been sent to subscribers and unlike all other literature currently produced on the world of junior mining, it contains no reference to Colorado Resources (CXO.v). The IKN Weekly, daring to be different for over four years.

A Tiny Revolution

I hope you haven't forgotten about A Tiny Revolution or just how wonderful a blog it is, but if it has slipped your mind recently please do yourself a favour and go over to read "We Are So Disappointed With the Corrupt Afghan Government" today. Is there a prize for the best single blog post anywhere in the world in any given year? There should be.

The Lima Consensus

Steven Levitsky's column in La Republica today hits the nail on the head. Spanish language.

Carlincatura today

Read it here. Original here...

...and English translation (with notes) here: