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Breaking: Large scale gunfight reported in Rio de Janeiro's biggest shanty town

Reports are coming in of serious disturbances in Rocinho, Rio de Janaeiro's biggest favela (shanty town) this Sunday morning Americas time. Gunfire "like a war", machine guns going off and apparently the police commander in charge of the zone has been shot injured by shrapnel.

For up-to-the-minute coverage in English language, check out the feeds of Brazil reporters @DonnaBow @rorihuela and @elizondogabriel who are three of the better voices that cover the country and are on the scene.

UPDATE: Apparently the trouble started in the early hours of the morning and has been going on ever since. "War Zone" is the phrase being used most often by locals. This link to a 1:43 min amateur video by a local gives a good idea of the chaos (and the noise).

UPDATE 2: Details starting to emerge. Apparently it all kicked off when local drugs gangs staged an early morning attack on a key underpass to the zone as part of a territorial dispute, police responded and the fun has been rolling on ever since.