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In Costa Rica, Luis Solis and Johnny Arana have taken the first two spots of the Presidential election, both around 30% and they'll go into a tight-looking run-off for the big job. Villalta and his new movement faded into a distant third (~17%) and is out of the running now, but may have a role to play as kingmaker.

In El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén is leading in the count (about 25% done and has a shot at winning the whole thing in the first round. If not, he'll go into a run-off with Norman Quijano, in second spot right now. Still SSC will be big favourite for the win if a round two is needed.

In New Jersey, Floyd Mayweather apparently bet $10.4m on the Denver Broncos to win. That's a lot of money. (UPDATE: And now apparently he didn't)

And River beat Boca 2-1

UPDATE: El Salvador's going to a 2nd round. With 80% of votes counted SSC is stuck at a touch under 49%; close but no cigar.