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Parsing Brent Cook's new diplomacy

Gone are the days when Brent Cook would show up for his date at BNN's Market Call and say things like "Yeah well Rusoro's run by Russian mafia". Which is a pity of course, but as long as you can decipher the dude there's still plenty of OH MY GOD AVOID RUN AWAY RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!" signals to get from him. As for yesterday's showing (video starts here, then runs through all segments), here's the big  little list of all-subtle-like diplomacy from his "Ugh! (thinks)...well, for me it might not be..." answers

  • Aurcana
  • Terraco
  • Allied Nevada (which was a particularly good chunk of diplomatic "run away!" without saying it out loud, I special attention to this one)
  • Torex (and on this one I agreed with everything he said)
  • Guyana Goldfields
  • Sans Gold (sans teeth sans eyes sans everything)
  • Victoria Gold
  • Falco Pacific (no love for Thom Calandra's new pump vehicle)
And here is your gif: