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This Thing Is Not Like That Thing, B2Gold ($BTG) ( (BTG) edition

Less than a month ago, Clive Johnson of B2Gold ( (BTG) proudly stood up before an invited audience and waxed lyrical on his company's "Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility programs (which) continues to gain strength – B2Gold prides itself on their (sic) programs globally".

However, when something embarrassing happens at one of his mines that doesn't fit into his personal fantasy of corporate excellence (well, in fact multiple embarrassing things, as two deaths in one week at one mine isn't exactly indicative of world-class H&S on display), he's suddenly very keen to keep it out of the world's mining media. Funny that, innit?

Seriously, what makes Johnson think that multiple deaths at one of his mines isn't a material event?

But don't start calling The Clive hypocritical, please. No no no, perish the thought.