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My fave Iquique earthquake video

It's a store CCTV (the classic shows tend to be), this edition in the pharmacy:

  • Note the guy at 0:12 who's pushing the baby in the pram; As the people head for the exits in a pretty calm manner, he just reaches out and grabs a 'souvenir' from the shelf, cool as you like.
  • The guy just behind him at 0:15, too. Just wonderful.
  • Then at 0:25, with all people clear, the products do exactly what you want them to do and fall off the shelves in unison. Yay, rumble.
  • We cut to 0:33 and the store manager guy who's all "ok folks, remain calm" until 0:46 and it's "get the fark outta here".

There was another CCTV video of a bar in the city, but I'm not showing you that because it's way more scary (though nobody was injured in the end). By the way, we're now allowed to be amused by things such as the above youtube because although there was damage, it wasn't too great. That's a combo of the fortunately mild tsunami and the very good organization of the Chilean people, who got no fewer than 900,000 people to higher ground in a matter of minutes. That organization includes señor armwave in the above video and really, he should be proud of the way he managed the situation. Still makes for good videos, though.