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Here's an expanation of how weak the mining market is at the moment

The news from Rio Alto Mining ( (RIOM) $RIOM this morning that it's hit new swathes of mineralization at La Arena outside its current reserve pit looks good to add at least a couple of years' worth of production to the mine. Or if you like and to use very round (and conservative) numbers, two years of production at 200,000 ounces a year that cost $1,000 all-in (zero extra to that, with op cash cost maybe $650/oz) to produce and then sell at $1,300/oz. 

Can you do three hundred multiplied by four hundred thousand? Yeah, me too.

However, the above news from is likely to be neutralized at market by a $10/oz downmove in bullion today and the stock price will do nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, IKN presents your pathetic market for juniors.