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Today's footy news: Away team gets five red cards in the first 45 minutes

Alfonso Ugarte is the main team from the city of Puno in Peru and plays in the country's second division. Today, playing against Alianza Universidad de Huánuco, five of the Alfonso Ugarte players were sent off in the first half of the match at which point, down by three goals to zero, the referee called a halt to proceedings due to the FIFA rule that automatically forfeits a game if a team has less than seven players on the pitch.

As well as the five players sent off, Alfonso Ugarte's manager was also shown the red card. And of the five players given marching orders, two of the Alfonso Ugarte players were shown red for fighting each other. After the shortened game, the Alfonsdo Ugarte team captain apologized to his home city fans by saying, "The guilty party of the poor spectacle today is the referee".