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Times are hard at Casey Research

As this link shows, excerpt below. Cash flow problems, guys?

Thanks to reader 'JG' for the headsup.

Casey complains about copyright infringement
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Casey complains about copyright infringement
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Friday June 20 2014 - Street Wire
by Mike Caswell
Newsletter publisher Casey Research LLC has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of British Columbia looking to identify somebody who has been posting its investment recommendations on-line. The company says that its recommendations are a paid service that costs up to $4,500 per year. Posting the information verbatim in public view infringes its copyright and may harm to its business, Casey claims.
The allegations are contained in a petition that Casey filed at the Vancouver courthouse on June 17, 2014. The company identifies itself as a publisher with an office in Vermont that generates several different newsletters and investment alerts. They range in price from $80 per year to $4,500 per year. Subscribers receive the information via e-mail or by logging in to Casey's website.
Casey claims that in April, 2014, a Stockhouse user named "rollercoaster2" started posting its recommendations on the Stockhouse forums verbatim. The material included content from publications offered at $995 per year and $4,500 per year. Among the postings were a recommendation for a stock that the petition identifies as "Petromas Energy Inc." (probably Petromanas Energy Inc., a company that Casey advised buying on April 16, 2014, at 28.5 cents).
Casey says it did not consent to the reproduction and is concerned that continues here