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Argonaut 2q14 production

Here's the NR, here's the chart:

It'll be called "in line" by the assembled substandard IQs with suits working in Canada with no sense of proportion to reality and obedient to a tee to the directives sent to them from corner offices: You know them by the name anal ysts. Though it's still a wonder how this low-producing and under-delivering company can command a $700m+ market cap. 

By the way, try to confuse things by sometimes giving gold production figures, sometimes gold equivalent production, throwing in sales and not production in some datasets and using a wholly stupid 55:1 silver/gold ratio as well. This is almost certainly deliberate and a hallmark of people trying to hide things from other people. The above chart is, for me at least, the best way to run a straight line through its production and sales numbers without blasting my brains out trying to extract every number from their quarterly obfuscations.

One of these days, scales will fall from eyes about, its non-happening San Antonio, its marginal and stupidly bought Magino and its continued underperformance from working mines, and when they do the selling will be nasty.