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Ross Beaty buys some Kaminak (KAM.v)

Here's the news of the combined Ross Beaty / Lundin estate buy in of Kaminak (KAM.v), which will bring in gross proceeds of a tad over $13.5m to the company and knowing the Beaty fanboys (e.g. the toadying ass-licker Tommy Humphreys) is bound to get the share price to move, too. 

It is therefore IKN's solemn duty to remind readers that we know Beaty is a highly successful entrepreneur in the metals world, particularly with his hands-on companies, and of course Beaty's third party investments in things such as Ventana and Augusta are good winners to point to, but the mega-fail Blue Sky Uranium and CB Gold deals also exist (to name but two). There are no guarantees in this cwazy wabbit game and I'm quite certain Beaty would be the first to point that out to you. But his fanboys and hangers-on, less so.