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The Elegant Universe

The best book I've read this year is Brian Greene's 1999 publication 'The Elegant Universe'. Now (and that means literally this morning) I find out there was a three part documentary made by PBS in 2003 that was based on the book and hosted by the author. So here it is:

Once I have my weekend of work out the way I'll be watching this. Therefore I can't make a personal call on the quality of the TV show yet (though on quickly checking 3rd party reviews I strongly suspect it's great) but imho you should run and get yourself a copy of the book if you're into the subject of big-question physics/string theory for dummies/life the universe and everything, but haven't read it yet. Brilliant book.

Parts 2 and 3 run straight on from this part one, or should do at least. If not click here and get all three.