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Jemi Fibre (JFI.v): The Bobby Genovese scam delivers news, right on time and M.O.

Here's this morning's news, here's a screenshot:

Brent Lokash, you say? Oh that's interesting. Anyone remember him as the CEO of Clearly Canadian, the scam Bobby G ran on the world in 2006? That's a famous scam and this one's heading in the exact same direction, but you may also note that Lokash and Genovese played scam-the-sucker via Strata Minerals too (went to $4.20, now pennies, and of course the typical P+D pattern).

As for today's news, note the classic bullshit pump ingredients of uncertain terms (there's no done deal yet, this is LOI), high interest rate, facility "due on demand" (i.e. debt holder can pull rug from under equity holders at any given moment), plus deliberately vague statements on what JFI plan to do with the cash.