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Jemi Fibre (JFI.v): The latest Bobby Genovese pump and dump scam

What if I were to tell you...

...that Jemi Fibre (JFI.v) had a whole bunch of people fronting it, but when you peel back the curtain you find the person running the show is one Robert Genovese, aka Bobby G, a scammer and operator of pump and dump schemes with a track record of taking other people's money and keeping it all for himself like few others out there? Yes indeed, it's not just a loan from BG Capital that has Bobby G with skin in this game. He has his minions running the company, he personally owns big chunks of JFI.v shares via his third-party shells and he's currently selling them to you, suckers. 

And for those you need a reminder about this scumball and his M.O., just one of the many scams he's run recently was Liberty Silver and you can read all about that one on this previous IKN link. 

UPDATE: Dear Canadian readers: Having trouble with that last link? That's because James West of "The Midas Letter" and another complete scumball put a chilling effects order on it for Google Canada. That's because he was mentioned in the piece as one of the main protagonists of the pump scam around liberty silver. He also took payments for his role and never told the SEC about it, which is out and out illegal, so rather than admit his guilt he prefers to censor the internet so that you never find out about his scumbag ways. Try this link instead.

UPDATE 2: Re. that censored link to Canadians, Iwnattos over at Market Narrative has kindly picked up on the issue and on his post lists three links where you can read the Liberty Silver thing. He also provides a different example of how James West bullshits the world in this post. And yes, for a fact he took payment from Seafield for that scam, too.

Part two of this JFI.v scam track here