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B2Gold (BTG) ( 3q14 production

A mediocre quarter. Here's the NR, here's the gold production chart:

And here's how it breaks down into its three working mines:

  • Libertad did well enough.
  • Limon was well down due to water problems (no mention that killing employees due to the water problems was a main part of the issue, but hey...capitalism)
  • Masbate underperformed again.

For the excuses and reasons, see the NR. The upshot: 2014 is a miss for The Clive and his outsized ego with the magic phrase being...
"...due to lower than anticipated production in the third quarter, the Company now expects its full-year 2014 consolidated production guidance to be marginally lower than previously guided."
...and the rest is just noise, though his sycophants are bound to latch on to how wonderfully Otjikoto is going and how first pour is due in December and love and flowers. That's a fail, Clive. Fail. You fail. Failure.