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The Brazil election: Checking in on the IKN prediction

a) Last week IKN gave you this post on Oct 13th entitled "What happens in the Brazil second round run-off election in the next two weeks".

b) Up to and including point 6 of the 10 point roadmap, we've been prettty darned close so far.

And what is point six, you ask? Ok, here's the re-print:

6) At some point next week, maybe Tuesday 21st or Weds 22nd, the Bovespa will drop heavily as the plug is pulled on the speculative pump and profits taken by the people who read Brazil correctly, instead of relying on wishful thinking.
c) So let's see how the Bovespa is doing today, Tuesday October 21st:

C'mon, admit it, that's a good call.

So, now check point eight of that post last week.