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Things that Steve Todoruk of Sprott needs to buy

1) A dictionary. It's Colombia.

2) A map. It's not where you think it is. Honest. Buy one, look, check carefully the relationship between Ecuador and, let's say, Argentina. Or Chile. Or Brazil.

This is how this piece written by said dumbass gringo begins.

Cute, huh? And of course, because he wears a suit and gets published he'll still want us to take him seriously about his expert views on the mining industry in Ecuador. Won't occur to him that getting the basic location right isn't anything more than a minor technical detail. Or being able to spell one of its only two neighbours correctly. Because that's how morons use their brains.

He'll probably blame a secretary or Bill Gates' autocorrect or summink. Innit.

PS: Ecuador's surface area is greater than that of The United Kingdom, Steve. Buy a pocket calculator as well.