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Chart of the day is...

...the molybdenum 12 month price chart:

For a while back there moly had us thinking the worst days were over, what with the pop to $15/lb or so. But no, it dropped back to the $10 level quickly enough. Anyway, this CotD is used as an excuse to point you to the words of Cochilco's Jorge Cantallopts* (crazy name, crazy guy: i don't know what llopts are but he's singing about them all right) on Chile's moly market in 2015, in which he expects Chile to produce 16% more of the stuff compared to this year and the price to average $12/lb next year, compared to the average of ~$11.50 in this.

*In fact a variant of the slightly more common surname Cantallops, it's an old family name from a region in Spain and one of the traditional ruling class names of Chile, which was probably started by one of the landed families sending a jerkoff 4th son to run an encomienda in the 17th century. Also a sure sign of inbreeding and baldness by 35 years of age on the male lineage.